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Project BudBurst


Join NEON's Project BudBurst Fall into Phenology Campaign by contributing your photos of plants around the United States and Puerto Rico between September and October 2013.

How do I participate?

See It: Observe plants with Project BudBurst where you live, work, or play during September and October.

Snap it: Take photos of the plants you see.

Upload it: Upload your photos to the Project BudBurst Flickr Site. Your photo may be chosen for use on the Project BudBurst website, social media sites, or materials!

Event Information

NEON's Project BudBurst Fall into Phenology campaign

The fall equinox, September 22nd, is a notable time of year because it marks the changing of seasons. You can help all of us better understand how plants change this autumn season by observing plants in your neighborhood, schoolyard, or community. Although the fall equinox is just one day, the Fall into Phenology campaign is much longer, giving you plenty of time to observe the plants in your area! The Fall Into Phenology field campaign runs from September 1st to October 31st every year.

Learn more about the campaign at

What is a Group Hashtag?

To show that you are participating in the Great Nature Project as part of our group, tag your photos with both #Greatnature and #PBudBurst. See your group's submissions in our photostream.

Contact Details

Contact: Sarah Newman